What Is The Best wireless Earbuds For Android Phones?

Ans: People don’t know what is the best wireless earbuds for android. Because, there are lots of wireless earbuds are available in the market. And almost all the earbuds have one or more problems. But, I’m gonna show a earbuds which has no problem. Again, the earbuds has almost all the latest premium features like IPX7 water resistant, fast charging, long battery life, deep bass etc.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition


Sound Performance


Battery Performance


Noise Canceling Performance


Comfort Performance


Waterproof Performance


Charging Performance


Sound quality: The sound quality of the earbuds is awesome. It performs great while playing music and provides deep bass which makes music excellent. You will get 10x better music sound with equalizer. I specially like the ambient mode which is very helpful for listening music but still want to hear anyone voice who is trying to talk to me.

Battery Life: The earbuds has 22 hours serious sound and provides up to 10 hours of nonstop playing music by just a single charge. Again, you won’t need to worry to charge the earbuds. I have used the earbuds for a couple of months by charging the case about three times.

Noise Cancellation: The earbuds has three mic. One mic is internal and others are external. The two external mic isolate your voice from outside noise. When you are on a call in a noisy area, you voice comes through richly and confidently.

Comfort To Use: The earbuds are very comfortable and they fit wonderfully in my ears. It’s an ideal package for exercise, running and work out. Because, the earbuds perfectly fit in ear and don’t fall during running and work out. I’m 100% recommending this if you are finding a earbuds for work out, running and sports.

Water Resistant: Like other premium features it has IPX7 latest water resistant technology. While you do work out or go for traveling it can be polluted by sweat or other water materials. But the earbuds won’t harm a little. Just need to clean the earbuds to use.

Charging Feature: You will get a wireless charging pad. Just need to put the earbuds on the charging case to charge. But, the demerit point is you need pay extra amount for the charging pad. By the way, just three minutes of charging the earbuds by the charging pad will give you one hour of playtime.

Looking And Color: The purple color makes the earbuds great looking. When I opened the earbuds I was fascinated by it’s looking. Trust me, you won’t regret after purchasing the earbuds, rather you will fall in love. I’m 100% recommending it if you are looking a attractive earbuds.

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Why Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Is The Best Wireless Earbuds For Android?

Ans: The overall performance of the earbuds has made it best wireless earbuds for android. Again, the earbuds has all the premium features which are usually not available in other earbuds. I found some earbuds which has good battery life, excellent sound quality etc. But, they have not all the features and their overall performance is less than of Samsung galaxy buds+ earbuds. As a result, I have select the Samsung earbuds as the best wireless earbuds for android.

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I hope you have get the answer of “what is the best wireless earbuds for android”. And why I have select the galaxy buds as best wireless earbuds for android. Though the earbuds price is high but price doesn’t matter while choosing a best earbuds for android.

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