Revel True Wireless Earbuds Review

I want to share with you my revel true wireless earbuds review. You know, the music are the source of happiness, they are always there for us whenever we feel sad or bored. To accompany the music, you need speaker, but some people do not have enough budget to buy it. I don’t know whether you have any experience about this kind of problem or not, but I have. So here I am, to share with you how to solve this problem.

Sound Quality

The Hi-Fi Bluetooth Headphones is the best choice for your wireless music enjoyment. The stylish design allows you to enjoy high quality music anywhere and anytime, Such as commuting, jogging , shopping, traveling, etc. For good music lovers, good quality headphones are necessary .That’s why we choose it carefully .You can experience clear sound effect with its integrated graphene driver unit .

Connecting the headphones to your phone or PC with Bluetooth 4.1 technology , you can enjoy high-quality stereo digital audio freely; you will be immersed in the track of your favorite musician . Enjoy your favorite films, television shows , video games and more with less distracting background noise. And the headphones is with APTX professional codec that makes the bass performance stable whether.

Battery Performance

What if you could go for a run and not worry about your earbuds falling out or the battery running out? This is where UPERVO revel true wireless earbuds battery performance shine. With superior audio quality, the 5 hours playtime are good enough for pretty good music experience. But if you are using them to use as hands-free, 7.5 hours playtime will be more than enough. The earbuds come with a charging case that can charge both of them at same time or individually.

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Comfortable and Noise Reduction

Comfortable earbuds are hard to come by especially if you are an active person. Fortunately, true wireless earbuds are becoming popular since they ensure mobility and comfort making them favorites for sports. True wireless earbuds like the revel set were made to be compact.

They come with a portable charging case which is compact and lightweight (just 0.5 oz). You can easily carry it in your jeans or pants pocket. The silicone-made earbuds make them comfortable to wear as they create a snug fit with noise isolation to prevent any exterior noise from interfering your audio experience.


Included is a 1-year replacement warranty valid from the date of purchase unless otherwise specified. This warranty includes 12 months of protection from defects in workmanship or material, plus a 12 months extension to create a 2 year warranty.

After 30 days from the date of purchase, the warranty only covers the cost of replacing defective parts during normal use and does not include any replacement or repairs beyond normal wear & tear. In case your covered product becomes defective during cold winter, they set the timeline as long as you live in WNY as we can’t be responsible for what happens outside of our serviceable area definition.

Final Verdict

So, I hope you have gotten the proper review of this revel true wireless earbuds.

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