Kurdene Wireless Earbuds Review (Battery, Sound, Design, Bluetooth Etc.)

The kurdene wireless earbuds are affordable, sport stylish design, are lightweight, stay in place during movement, have good active noise-canceling, sound quality. If you are looking for great active noise-canceling earbuds at cheap price without breaking the bank, I recommend the kurdene wireless earbuds.

Sound Quality

The good sound source is an important factor to enjoy the music, but for most of the Bluetooth earbuds, they do not have good sound quality. Kurdene Bluetooth headphones equips the latest Moving-Coil Horn loudspeaker with bigger dynamic driver, which provides Hi-Fi sound quality.

This is the first Hi-Fi Bluetooth earbuds in the market. The bigger dynamic driver can meet HD quality – reproduce bass and treble very clear. Also, the moving coil loudspeaker has an outstanding performance in power saving efficiency. It uses 30% electricity than the traditional loudspeaker.

Battery Performance

The world’s first wireless earbuds with extra backup battery is here. kurdene wireless earbuds can be charged with a magnetic charging case, and play up to 4 hours.

Between each charge, charge the case and you will get an extra 4 hours of talk time. With the extra backup battery, your earphones will never run out of power.

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Water Resistant

Tough and Stylish, the Kurdene S8 Wireless Earbuds come in a variety of fashionable colors to suit your style. They’re IPX8 waterproof rated, so you can listen to your favorite music even at the gym or while running in the rain. The built-in DSP noise cancellation feature cuts out external noise so you can concentrate on what matters most.


Kurdene S8 wireless Bluetooth earbuds are designed to comfortably fit in your ear. Your ear sizes have a big impact on sound quality and comfort, which is why we included 6 pairs of ear caps in three sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Let each listen be a perfect listen!


The kurdene earbuds connection combines the newest Bluetooth 5.0 chip with TWS technology on both Bluetooth earbuds. It provides faster pairing, stable connection and signal transmission (50ft no-obstacle range). So, you don’t have to worry about losing your earbuds anymore!

No more regrets about other brands! But wait…there’s more…we’re giving you true stereo sound with the 2 high fidelity speakers and extra bass for all of your music needs.


The Kurdene S8 comes with multi-function control. You can control music or other functions by touch the button, which makes life easier and convenient. The touch program adopts a unique software, single-touch, double-touch to play/pause music, which effectively reduce touch by mistake or inaccurate touch.

Final Though

So, this is all about of kurdene wireless earbuds. Again, this is one of the biggest review of mine.

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