Jvc Wireless Gummy Earbuds Review

It’s time to review another product and this time it’s the Jvc Wireless Gummy Earbuds. I recommend you to check them out and what they can do for you and I hope that after reading this review you will be able to make a good decision on purchasing them or not.

Sound Quality

I got a pair of gummy bears as an early birthday present. I also got a pair of jvc gummy earbuds as a present as well as my friend gave them to me for Christmas and my birthday. One thing i noticed was that the sound quality was good.

Battery Performance

How To Enjoy Long Time Listening To Music, Best Fit Earbud Gummy Life – Battery Lasts 15 hours w/ Included Charging Case (6H+9H), Charge Twice At Once; Wireless, No Strangle – Built in Mic/Remote Control For Phone Calls & Music Control; Tuned By Experts & Durable Construction For Comfort Without Compromise.


Sweat and water resistant JVC Gummy Sound Earbuds with multi-fit design and durable Nickel-plated 3.4mm plug. Perfect for the JVC Gummy Series MP3 Players, including the JCB205, JCB201 & JCB200 models. They also work with many other brands of MP3 as well as iPhones, BlackBerrys, Smart Phones and any other type of music players with a standard 3.4 mm headphone jack.

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For those that want or need a little more security from their earbuds these Ipx4 rated sweat & rainproof earbuds come with a convenient Lanyard Clip for a more secure fit when working out or jogging across the street to catch a bus.


These earbuds comfortably fit inside the ear canal. The comfortably soft silicone ear cushions perfectly contour to all ears. The snug, secure fit inhibits external noise while shutting out external distractions- perfect for jogging/working out or just walking around town. The permanently attached 1.2m cord has a built in microphone and controls making these great for cell phones, iPhones, iPods, iPads, MP3 players and other audio devices.


Have you ever had your earbuds fall out of the charging case while they were still plugged into your device? I know I sure had. It isn’t a great feeling when you try to get back to what you were doing only to realize that your earbuds are completely unplugged. That’s why JVC came up with the Auto Connect feature. This feature makes connecting your earbuds even easier than before, and it works automatically.

So, what’s need more in this price range, that’s all about jvc gummy earbuds review.

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