Why jabra elite 65t earbuds not charging?

Why jabra elite 65t earbuds not charging? The charging port of earbuds are very vulnerable that when it breaks then it will damage your earbuds. If that’s the case then here’s what you should do. First, you have to check if your charger is compatible with jabra elite 65t then try with usb ports

Here are common issues which cause Jabra Elite 65T won’t charge

1. Broken USB Port

First thing first, check if the usb port on the headphone is broken, if so you must find another way to charge your earbuds.

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2. The USB Cable Won’t fit

If you have check all above but the issue persists then maybe it’s because the cable itself cannot fit in the charging port anymore? Why does this happen? It could be because there are some dust stuck in between which prevent the cable from inserting properly into the usb port.

How to take care your earbuds

  • Do not put too much stress on the usb cable (do not over bend it.)
  • Be more specific about the location where you plan to charge.
  • Dust can cause damage or short circuit, prevent dust from getting onto your charger.

So, this is the end of the Why jabra elite 65t earbuds not charging?

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