Indy evo true wireless earbuds pairing system

Indy evo true wireless earbuds pairing system

The Indy evo is a new pair of true wireless pocketable earbuds that I reviewed. Indy evo are the follow up to Indy’s, which are also very good. Indy evo are slightly better in sound quality. But not enough to justify spending ~$70 more if you’re on a budget. The Indy evo have almost all of the features people would want from truly wireless earbuds. It includes fully wire-free freedom, water resistance, long battery life, and touch controls. However, Indy evo seem to omit one feature present in most other BT earbuds – automatic re-pairing.

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Here’s how it works

If you turn off Indy evo and turn them back on, Indy evo will automatically re-pair with your phone if it has been recently paired before. Indy evo can be manually put into pairing mode. And, your phone should show the Indy evo as available to pair like any other device. However, Indy evo do not go into pairing mode when switched off and then switched on again without first being disconnected from a previously connected device (e.g., phone). My guess is that this omission was made because Indy’s got great battery life and many people would just leave them in their ears all day long and switch between devices as they see fit instead of preparing ahead of time by putting Indy into pairing/charge mode after each use.

Reasons of Indy Evo Earbuds Not Pairing

  • One of the reasons that you might be experiencing a problem with your earbuds pairing is that the earbuds may not be compatible with one another.
  • Another reason could be a bad connection between the media player and the earbuds.
  • The last reason could be a wireless interference from nearby electronics or appliances, such as microwaves or speakers.

So, this is the end of the Indy evo true wireless earbuds pairing system.

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