How to connect heyday true wireless earbuds

How to connect heyday true wireless earbuds? To connect to your Heyday earbuds, you must have an iPhone running iOS 10 or later. You must also be wearing both earbuds. Again, they must be in the carrying case so that they can communicate with each other. To connect:

  • Turn on Bluetooth by holding down the power button on the back of the charging case for around five seconds until it is blue. If it does not appear blue, try turning them off and then back on inside the carrying case.
  • Open Settings . It’s a gray app containing cogs that’s typically located on your home screen.
  • Within Settings , open Bluetooth .
  • Once you open the Bluetooth settings, all nearby devices that are in pairing mode will pop up. Your Heyday earbuds should appear if they are powered up and within range of your device. Click on their name or select them from the list of available devices in order to pair and connect with your iPhone. If this is your first time using Heyday True Wireless Earbuds, you may be prompted to download a companion app which provides additional features such as EQ settings and tips for how best to use the earbuds. You can always return here to update the Heyday earbuds’ firmware (important for receiving updates and resolving bugs).
  • After successfully connecting your Heyday True Wireless Earbuds to your iPhone, you will see how many earbuds are paired alongside how many are in the case. If the pairing indicator is green , you’re all good to go. Enjoy using Heyday with any and all of your favorite apps!

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To check that they are connected correctly, look at your Bluetooth devices list. The Heyday earbuds should be listed here once they have been successfully paired to one or more devices (in this case, an iPhone). They should also display how many individual earbuds are currently inside the recharging case (if you can’t see how many there are, make sure it’s closed). Finally, if only one blue light appears on either bud or in the charging case. This means that they are turned on but have not been successfully paired to your device.

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