Brookstone Active Pro Earbuds Review

The brookstone active pro earbuds (review) are Bluetooth enabled and let you pair the earbuds with any Bluetooth enabled device for hands free phone calls, listening to music etc. I’ve used these earbuds quite a bit so far, so here’s my review of them!

Sound Quality

These high quality earbuds deliver premium sound quality, long-lasting comfort, and state-of-the-art style. Their active-fit design features an adjustable bass boost for an enhanced audio experience, while the tangle free design eliminates knots to keep you connected on the go.

Battery Performance

With 48 hours of standby time, you can power up before an important call or listen to music for hours without having to worry about battery life. Meet all of your portable power needs with this incredible battery performance.


When you’re on the move, nothing ruins a great workout better than constantly adjusting your earbuds. The Brookstone Active Pro earbuds have been ergonomically designed to keep them secure and comfortable all day long. The ACTIVE FIT Ergonomic ear hooks provide stability and comfort, while our three interchangeable sizes of eartips ensure a perfect fit for a variety of ear shapes and sizes.

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The Active Pro waterproof earbuds allow you to focus on your workout without sacrificing music or drowning out the sound of traffic around you. The ear cushion wings stay in place for hours, even through the sweatiest workout. Made to honor pro athletes, these headphones are guaranteed sweat proof, rainproof and submersible (up to three feet).


These Brookstone Active Pro Earbuds feature a timed play/stop button to control your music with a press of a finger. Made from aluminium alloy, these earbuds have an elegant, seamless design that’s as compact as it is effective.


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