Acesori A Buds Bluetooth Aluminum Earbuds

The acesori a buds Bluetooth aluminum earbuds is one of the most clever innovations that we have recently seen in the world of headphones and earphones. These aluminum earbuds look and feel like regular earplugs, but offer much better sound quality than regular earplugs. The originals were well received, so it’s understandable why people are so excited about this newer version, namely the acesori a buds Bluetooth aluminum earbuds.

Sound Quality

These Magnetic Earbuds from acesori a buds are a high-quality set of earbuds. They have magnets inside the back of each earbud for around-the-neck portability and they deliver impressive sound quality. These magnetic earbuds come in a hard plastic, spring loaded case that also has a magnetic latch. The case is small and compact and is great for storing the earphones when not in use or while traveling.

Battery Performance

These new earbuds weigh only about 7 grams per ear, they are made of aluminum and look at they give 5 hours of audio playback (listen to about 275 songs each) with their included carrying case (which also recharges the earbuds).

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The aluminum earbuds are created with anodized aluminum. The housing around each earbud is made of aluminum with a metallic finish. The included earhooks snap directly onto the metal body and provide a more secure fit during workouts.


These buds are compatible with all smartphones, tablets, laptops and other Bluetooth enabled devices. I’ve tried them with my Apple devices, my friends’ Samsung, iPhone 7s, iPad Air 2s, my Windows 10 laptop, and an old Bluetooth device that I haven’t used in years! They are very easy to use. One button NFC pairing on most modern Android phones.

So, this is the about the acesori a buds Bluetooth aluminum earbuds. I hope you have gotten the proper review of this product.

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